Thursday, June 14, 2007

Development Related Podcasts

I really like podcasting for getting my latest fix of development related information. I can listen to it while commuting to work or while working out. In this post i will detail what development related podcasts I listen to and why.

Newest in my que is PHP Abstract. I really like what Cal Evans has done in this podcast. A short introduction and then straight to 1 person talking about content. No chatter and no noice. Very nice.

I also listen to php|architects PRO PHP Popdcast. This is more of a traditional "talkshow" podcast where one or more hosts discuss new items and do interviews. There are lots of nice content here. Personally i do not like to have to much chitchat in a podcast, and this one sometimes has a little bit to much of it.

That is the two php related podcasts that I know of and that I listen to. However i also listen to podcasts about other programming languages such as.

Ruby on Rails podcast. This podcast normally just have 1 host and he talks about news in the rails community and does some interviews. I like to follow what goes on in the rails camp allthough i do not use rails myself.

The Java Posse is a excellent podcast about Java and the JVM. It is hosted by normally 4 great guys that has a lot of insight into tech. The production of this podcast is normally top notch. I started listening to this podcast while i worked with Java and have continued on after i started doing PHP work again. Nice to know what goes on in the Java camp aswell. Stuff like Scala looks cool.

And that is pretty much it as for me and Tech Podcasts go. I listen to some other podcasts as well, like TWiT and CrankyGeeks as well but they are not directly dev related.

Do you listen to some podcasts that you think I will find interesting? Please leave a comment on this post or contact me on IRC. My nick is meus and i hang out at freenode.

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