Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PHP Vikinger

PHP VIkinger was a blast. I was going to blog lots about the content there, but then i talked to Knut on IM and he sent me the link to´s amazing page about PHP Vikinger. That is some nice reporting done there.

PHP VIkinger was not quite what i expected it to be. Two co-workers of mine attended last year and then it was more dicsussion-like and not so much talks like it was this year. When we had the topic suggestion i suggested "version controlling content / audit system" since this is something that I think would be very cool. I also suggested IoC and had planned to talk about how perhaps we could try to use eZ Components SignalSlot for it. I do not think Derick got that last part, but i decided not to mention it again. I was kind of understanding already that this was going to be more talks and not so much discussion.

Still even though it was not quite what i expected it was totally awesome! If you have 45 minutes of free time you should jump over to zaks amazing presentation and watch it at once. If you do not have free time, make some free time. It is amazing. I listened to it for the second time and it was very nice both times. I even think part of the points around Martin Luther was better the second time.

In the first break I was feeling the coffee-adict in me having some pain so I went with Toby and Mikko to get some coffee. I bought 6 premade cups and 2 bags. I even got the local-school-slave (no pun intended) to make some coffee in the pizza break. Ahh feeling better after have given something back to these amazing people.

After vikinger finished we were going to Bakkestranda in Skien for a barbeque. I bought some hamburgers, salad and a bucket of marshmellows! (They were really nice, right Jani?) I got some non alcoholic stuff to drink as well since it was blastingly hot.

We headed out to the park/beach and had a really nice barbeque. People come and went and it was in total a very nice gathering. When we left the beach around midnight I headed home to Høyers since I was tired. I think the other guys went out to Mets afterwards.

While at the party I also got to taste Kossucola. I tasted atleast two bathces. I liked the first one better, the second had a little bit to much Kossu in it. Unfortunatly i did not catch the name of the nice finn that made Kossucola so i cannot thank him here. Jani also tried to teach me to count to 5 in finnish. :P

All in all a very very nice day.

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